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NOTE: Because of unique gameplay, crossover of multiple genres and unclear ending, it is hard to quantify some categories.

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Title 198X
Company Hi-Bit Studios
Hi-Bit Studios
  • (Writer & Producer) Tobias Bjarneby

    (Game Designers) Daniel Eyre & Victor Sjöström

    (Graphic Artists) Alexis Morille, Catherine Menabde, Tim Jonsson, Motocross Saito, Walter Samperi, Andrew Bado, Paul Conway, Riccardo Fiorini, Markus Karlsson Frost

    (Programmers) Johan Högfeldt, Alexander Lund

    (Producer) Daniel Grigorov

    (Website Design & Development) Carlos Castillo
  • Yuzo Koshiro, Anton Dromberg, Daniel Rosenqvist, U.F.L.
Year: 2019
Release Date: January 23, 2020 (Switch)
System: Nintendo Switch
Nintendo Switch
Genre: Multiple/Various, Narrative/Story-Based (majority of actual gameplay), Visual Novel, Arcade, Action, SHMUP, Racing, Platformer, Computer, RPG, Roguelike
Ratings/Suitable For Age Group?: T for Teen Rating from ESRB
T for Teen (Blood, Use Of Tobacco, Violence)
Possible allusion to some form of child abuse
Arcade Version?: No
Port To Other Game Systems:


Picture of Steam logo.

GOG / gog.com

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PlayStation 4 (PS4)

Picture of PlayStation 4 (PS4) logo.

Xbox One (To be announced)

Picture of Xbox One logo.

Part of Franchise: No
Rarity/Availability: Currently available for digital download from various gaming platforms' online stores.
Add'l Game System Peripheral Needed To Play?: N/A
1 or 2 Player: 1 Player
Number of Reserve Players: Start with 1 Player
1-Up's None
Life Meter N/A
Password No
Battery No
Continue? Yes, but will begin at start of current Arcade title.
Perspective/Orientation Gameplay 2D mainly (some pseudo-3D during Kill Screen)
Number of Levels 5 Arcade Games (hard to quantify)
Checkpoints? N/A
Save points? No
Uninterrupted Play? Dependent upon defeat in any of the arcade titles, play may continue from spot of death or may resume from beginning of title.
Internal Map(s)? No
Score? No
Difficulty Settings No
Time Limit? No
Hero Kid from 198X
Sidekick(s)/Cast N/A
Weapons N/A
Items/Equipment N/A
Power-Ups N/A
Power-Downs N/A
Main Enemy Slaying 3 Dragons in Kill Screen, then fighting MOTHERBOARD
Person/Place Being Saved Kid, himself
Objective/Goal Save Kid and build up his confidence with each Arcade game mastered
Ending? No
Secret Code(s)? N/A
Stage Select No
Invincibility No
Extra Players No
Continues N/A
Sound Test No
Additional Secret Codes ?
Trivia/Little Known Facts
  • 198X captures the thrill of the arcade in the 1980s. Each of its five, internal arcade games has been inspired by a number of classic titles. Let's see some of them below: ↓

    Beating Heart - The Beat 'Em Up

    Beating Heart - The Beat 'Em Up

    Renegade - Beat 'Em Up inspiration for Beating Heart

    Double Dragon - Beat 'Em Up inspiration for Beating Heart
    Double Dragon series

    Final Fight - Beat 'Em Up inspiration for Beating Heart
    Final Fight series

    Streets Of Rage - Beat 'Em Up inspiration for Beating Heart
    Streets Of Rage series

    Out Of The Void - The Shoot 'Em Up

    Out Of The Void - The Shoot 'Em Up

    Gradius - Shoot 'Em Up inspiration for Out Of The Void
    Gradius series

    R-Type - Shoot 'Em Up inspiration for Out Of The Void
    R-Type series

    The Runaway - The Racing Game

    The Runaway - The Racing Game

    OutRun - The Racing Game inspiration for The Runaway

    Shadowplay - The Ninja Game

    Shadowplay - The Ninja Game

    Shinobi - The Ninja Game inspiration for Shadowplay
    Shinobi series

    Strider - The Ninja Game inspiration for Shadowplay

    Ninja Spirit - The Ninja Game inspiration for Shadowplay
    Ninja Spirit

    Kill Screen - The RPG

    Kill Screen - The RPG

    System Shock - The RPG inspiration for Kill Screen
    System Shock series

  • Not every influence in 198X is from video games at the arcade. The main boss from the Shadowplay game closely-resembles the No-Face, or kaonashi, character seen in the critically-acclaimed, anime film from 2001 by Studio Ghibli, Spirited Away. See below: ↓

    The award-winning anime film by Studio Ghibli from 2001:  Spirited Away.       No-Face looks similar to the enemy pursuer in the Shadowplay arcade title in 198X.

  • In 198X, talented, pixel artists illustrated a number of beautifully-rendered scenes that helped to make the world of Kid pop with nostalgia. An eye for detail shows smaller, satellite dishes mounted on rooftops throughout various angles in Suburbia. The only problem is that there weren't any dishes with small diameters that were prevalent in the 1980s; that didn't happen until later into the 1990s. See a picture of the larger dishes that were common in the 1980s below: ↓

    A picture of the large satellite dishes that were prevalent in the 1980s.



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