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Obviously, we at,, are huge fans of video games from a slightly older era (and of today, also). We hope that we are showing our dedication to these nostalgic feelings with this site. Along the way, we have noticed that many other talented individuals and fanatics share that same fire, admiration and devotion for the 8-Bit and 16-Bit days, as well. So, as a nod to their creativity and hard work, we have showcased a handful of awe-inspiring and useful links of their endeavors. Enjoy!

If you know of any amazing examples that we can add to this treasured "time capsule" below, please contact us and pass along the link(s). Thank you, in advance!

NOTE: is not responsible for any potential device damage or bad side-effects caused by websites that may contain any malicious, viral, tracking or any other harmful files that may be embedded upon arrival to or departure from. Please use caution and have your anti-virus software updated before visiting the sites below.

Game Sprites/Graphics
Fan Artwork
Game Manual
Game Audio: MIDI files
Game Audio: .nsf files
Game Audio: .mp3 files
Game Audio: Sheet Music
Fan Music and New Music From Ninja Gaiden Composer
Fan Websites and Wikia's
Game Maps
Rarity of Game
Special Articles And Interviews

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