Metal Gear

Snake Charmer Or Snake-Bitten ...

Metal Gear Title Screen

Game Specs for Metal Gear

NOTE: When possible, the game's official manual or official documentation from the game maker's company or Nintendo is used — with spelling or terminology presented as is, despite some translation errors.

SPOILER ALERT: Some of the categories below may have a question mark to conceal important or secret revelations in the game. If you would like to see the unknown revealed, a rollover option or external link will be attached to the question mark.

Title Metal Gear
Metal Gear
Company Ultra/Konami
Developer(s)/Designer(s): Yoshihiro Sugimoto, Masahiro Ueno
Composer(s)/Musician(s): Kazuki Muraoka
Year: 1988
Release Date: June 1988
System: NES
Genre: Action, Stealth
Ratings/Suitable For Age Group?:: Animated Deaths, No Blood, Character Just Collapses, Weapons
Arcade Version?: No
Port To Other Game Systems:: No
Part of Franchise: Original/standalone title (first) in Metal Gear series (NES' Snake's Revenge is sequel ... however, later titles are not connected; only, characters' names are used)
Rarity/Availability: Cartridge becoming harder to find (at least, in the St. Louis, MO metropolitan area), but currently cannot download through Nintendo's Virtual Console and/or Nintendo eShop service on Wii, WiiU or Nintendo 3DS
Add'l Game System Peripheral Needed To Play?: N/A
1 or 2 Player: 1 Player
Number of Reserve Players: Start with 1 Player
1-Up's None
Life Meter Vital Sign increases as your Rank rises
Password Password Screen of Metal Gear
Battery No
Continue? Yes, but will begin at checkpoint from earlier point
Perspective/Orientation Gameplay Screen by Screen freedom to explore - Overhead/Bird's Eye View
Number of Levels 5 Strongholds/Buildings
Checkpoints? Usually begin at start or end of building, after arrival inside first building
Save points? No
Uninterrupted Play? Upon death of Solid Snake, play stops and resumes from last checkpoint
Internal Map(s)? No
Score? No
Difficulty Settings No
Time Limit? No (exception being final escape sequence)
Hero Solid Snake of Metal Gear
Solid Snake
Sidekick(s)/Cast Yes - Big Boss, Ellen, Diane, Jennifer, Schneider, Grey Fox, Dr. Pettrovich (but, not playable)
Weapons Weapon Select Screen of Metal Gear
Fists (default)
Items/Equipment Equipment Select Screen of Metal Gear
Power-Ups Rank will rise with rescue of P.O.W.'s; Rations fill energy; Ammunition fills weapons (guns)
Power-Downs Beware! If P.O.W.'s are shot, Solid Snake will lose stars/ranks
Main Enemy Metal Gear's Main Enemy... Revealed
Spoiler alert! Click here to see
Person/Place Being Saved Grey Fox first, then the world
Objective/Goal Rescue Grey Fox, Destroy Metal Gear
Ending? Yes
Secret Code(s)? Yes... secret passwords
Stage Select No
Invincibility No
Extra Players No
Continues N/A
Sound Test No
Additional Secret Codes ?
Trivia/Little Known Facts
  • Metal Gear is unique, in that it is the title of the game and is described in detail as the actual main enemy of the game, yet you never actually see it except on the game box's art work.

  • Hideo Kojima has actually disowned this first Metal Gear release, and does not acknowledge it as an official part of his famous series' legacy or canon. This title was developed independent of his guidance.

  • Konami/Ultra utilized a still, or screen capture, from the movie, The Terminator, to model Metal Gear's cover artwork after.

    Metal Gear's Snake Box Cover vs. The Terminator Screenshot

  • Additional inspiration, from the era, can be seen in certain characters' names found in the game's manual: Vermon CaTaffy (a twisted play on Libya's Muammar Quaddafi), Arnold (after Schwarzenegger for two strongmen foes in the game) and Coward Duck (probably after George Lucas' Howard The Duck movie).

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