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Welcome to where we put the grades into Our staff of writers, educated in the finer arts of video gaming, will deliver detailed reviews right here. Early on, there will be a greater slant on 8-bit games, especially Nintendo (NES) titles, but there are exciting plans to expand and move forward into newer generation systems as well.

Our reviewers will report on specific titles in an array of styles, spanning from written articles to video examples with dialogue. Each new review will be added in the colored rows seen below. Future reviews will be added often, so please check back frequently.

Here at, we feel that one thing that will separate us from other sites, is the level of dedication and research that we pour into every review. Each game featured will be thoroughly dissected, and very useful nuggets of information will be available at you - the visitor's - fingertips.

Each game review will have the following:

  • +'s Vs. -'s - a pros and cons checklist for quick viewing
  • If you like... section that suggests similar games that you may like to try
  • Secrets and Tips section that unlocks hidden codes and strategies that may help you finally beat that title (all have been checked to ensure that they work)
  • 1UP Ratings Scale - our approach to providing a very useful guide on how a title stacks up
  • Game Specs page, painstakingly-chocked full with all kinds of information on a title
  • Miscellanea page that provides links to other resources for the title, a real fanatic's dream

Many of these items will be made into special pages that will allow for cross-referencing in the future. Stay tuned!
features detailed reviews, information, tips, strategies, secrets and media on several popular video games from back-in-the-day, on a number of earlier generation gaming systems.

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